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Your most asked questions about Spring Gulch Ranch... answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How many Points do I need to draw a tag as a non-resident?

Answer: This changes from Year to Year, please check in a the Wyoming Game and Fish Website for the most current regulations by clicking this link:

Question: How big is the ranch we can hunt on?

Answer: The Spring Gulch Ranch encompasses 65,000 acres of some of the most pristine and secluded territory in Northwest Wyoming.  

Question: What distance should a hunter be comfortable shooting?

Answer: Hunters should be comfortable shooting as far as 400 yds, however the average shot is about 200-300 yards.

Question: What is a standard tip for your guides?

Answer: This depends on you.  If you are happy with your hunt, then an industry standard is 10%.  We want to make sure you enjoy your experience, so if you aren't happy, please make sure you let us know how we can improve.

Question: What happens if a hunter wounds an animal?

Answer: All possible efforts will be made to retrieve a wounded animal.  If the wounded animal cannot be found after extensive searching, and your guide believes it is fatally wounded, then your tag will be considered full and your hunt for that species will cease.

Question: How do I rent a cabin?

Answer: Cabin rentals are available by calling us at 307-921-1557.   Time of year and duration may vary on availability. 

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